VocoPro 180W Gig-Master System

1 Weekend- $89.00 USD

The GIG-MASTER is the World's First all-in-one design that combines a multi-format player, a digital vocal and instrument mixer with a 180 watt amplifier. VocoPro has enclosed them all into one sturdy 6-speaker road cabinet with casters and extendable handle for total mobility! Whether you are a Karaoke enthusiast, a performing musician or both, it offers unparalleled features and performance for everyone.

Never before has a portable system been this versatile. With a dedicated input for both guitar and keyboard, now you can unite two vocalists and two instruments for a complete gig experience.

If you enjoy jamming with friends, love to sing and want a single system that makes it all possible, wheel out the GIG-MASTER and let the good times roll.

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