MMD PDS185S Towable Air Compressor

1 Day- $149.00 USD
1 Half Day- $100.19 USD
1 Week- $476.80 USD

Airman Engineered. Durable. Reliable. Quality.

Engine Features

• Equipped with a YANMAR 45 HP engine.
• 4 Cylinder, In-line, 4-cycle, water cooled,
diesel engine.
• EPA Interim Tier 4 + CARB compliant.
• Engine idles as low as 1300 RPM to
increase fuel efficiency and reduce
component wear.

Easier Service & Maintenance

• Compressor oil, radiator coolant, fuel,
receiver oil and engine oil drain externally
to the curbside of the air compressor.
• Includes an external oil / air separator
filter and cartridge-type fuel filter.
• Dual air cleaners provide better dust
protection for the air-end.
• Low-fuel shut down system helps
eliminate service calls.

Durable and Efficient Design

• Outfitted with external, easy to read
gauges that include: air pressure, fuel
level and run-time in hours.
• Protected behind a rugged, lockable steel
door is an intelligent diagnostic panel that
monitors: low fuel level, battery, water
temperature, engine oil pressure,
discharge temperature and both the
engine and compressor air filters.
• Forklift slots and a single-point lifting bail
for simplified mounting on utility and
service vehicles.
• All gauges and controls are mounted
curbside for easy access and safety.
• Fuel economy is maximized with a unique
Auto-Idle feature which provides some of
the best fuel economy in its class!

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