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Sumner Mfg 2311  Drywall Lift-11'

Sumner Mfg 2311 Drywall Lift-11'


2311 Drywall Lift-11'

• Standard Features
• Solid, safe construction
• Lightweight - 99Lb/45Kg
• Two speed winch handle
• Quick, tool-free assembly
• One person operation
• Tilts 65°
• Lifts loads of 150Lb/70 Kg up to 11.5'/3.5m or 15'/4.5m
• Loads at a convenient 34"/86 cm Designed for Safety
• NO Pinch points
• NO Free fall
• NO Spinning wheels
• NO Exposed parts Available in Two Styles
• Standard unit complete with single cable
• CE Version complete with double cable for double margin of safety OPTIONAL HVAC/LIGHT CRADLE Great for Duct and Other Lifting Tasks that Need a Third Hand! Lifts duct up to 24" (60 cm) diameter and up to 150 lb. (70kg), cradle arms adjust from 12" (30 cm) to 24" (60 cm) Ideal for installation of four bulb fluorescent light fixtures. Lifting posts come with insulated protection


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