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For the largest lawns suffering from frost heaves or mole hills, or to roll new sod out front of your dream home, Brinly’s large 76 Gallon Tow-Behind Lawn Roller is the solution. Even out bumpy lawns, or pack down newly sewn seed or sod from the comfort of your lawn tractor seat.

The heavy-duty 690 lb. capacity polyethylene lawn roller is large enough (24" diameter and 36" length) to get those big projects done in quicker time. And since it’s made from polyethylene, it won’t dent or rust. Its extra large diameter opening allows for faster fill up and emptying of water or sand. And the rounded drum ends ensures you don’t tear up your lawn during tractor turns. Don’t settle for a less than perfect lawn - let Brinly help you get the lawn of your dreams.

Rent from $36.75


Brinly’s 390 lb. capacity tow-behind Poly Lawn Roller is ideal for medium to large residential yards and efficiently rolls out new sod and packs down loose topsoil, forming the base for a healthy, green and smooth lawn. The PRT-36SBH lawn roller holds 42 gallons of water and boasts a full 18" x 36" poly drum that will not dent or rust.

The roller's rounded drum ends will not tear up the lawn during tractor turns unlike other lawn rollers. With an extra large diameter fill opening that makes it quick and easy to fill and empty water or sand, you’ll spend less time setting up and quicker time finishing your yard project.

Rent from $13.57