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Effectively Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

Using an airless paint sprayer can be a great timesaver. Of the many advantages to using airless paint sprayers, perhaps the greatest is the evenly spreading of paint. If you are planning to rent one, here are a few helpful tips:

How they work

Since they don't use air to propel the paint, you may be curious how airless paint sprayers work. Using hydraulics, a pump creates pressure that drives the paint from the reservoir and out of the sprayer tip averaging 100-200 miles per hour, so be sure never to put your hand near it for any reason. Also, make sure you read the manual to figure out how to disassemble, clean, and properly re-assemble the sprayer.

Not a spray can

The most common mistake made with airless sprayers is trying to use them like they are a spray can. Instead of making a side-to-side sweeping motion, airless sprayers should always be kept parallel to the wall about 6 to 12 inches away. This will create even coverage over the surface. If the improper sweeping motion is used, there will be a lot of paint in the middle of the arc but look almost translucent on the outsides. Test the proper motion on plywood to get it down before you start.

Getting to work

Once you have a feel for the right motion, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Make a three food wide strip over your prepared surface. Continue this down the surface while overlapping at least a third of the strip above it. This will give you the best coverage and after you finish, you should have an even coat that doesn’t show any of the old paint.