Pre-Winter Checklist

Pre-Winter Checklist

The time you have to prepare your home for colder weather is dwindling.  Before you know it winter will be in full swing; if your house isn’t prepared for the season repairs and maintenance could become more difficult and more expensive.  So take a moment to consider this pre-winter house checklist.  Making the effort now will keep your home safe and warm all winter long!

Check for roof repairs:  Your roof is a major point of vulnerability in the winter.  If left without maintenance your roof can let heat out, costing you money in valuable energy.  Furthermore, the weight of snow and ice can be dangerous to older roofs.  It only takes a quick check before the winter sets in to make sure it is properly prepared.  For safety reasons, it’s best to rent a lift even for small projects on your roof, especially if you are already seeing cooler temperatures; surfaces could already be slick with frost.

Gutter check: While you’re up there, be sure to clean out the gutters!  They can be weighed down by winter’s weather and can easily clog or break. The cleaning process will be much easier the earlier you get it done!

Chimney cleaning:  Everyone loves to keep warm by the fire when it’s cold outside.  But if you don’t inspect the chimney before the season of its greatest use, you could be exposing yourself and your family to a greater risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide intrusion.

Window check:  A thorough check of your home’s windows is the easiest way to save money this season!  All it takes is making sure that those drafty old windows are caulked to keep the warm air in. Pay special attention to any joints and wood strips put in to fill the space of removed siding. Again, the earlier you take care of this project the better because caulk usually needs mild and steady temperatures for a proper seal.